Short Rotary Attachment                             PF0401
Price: $850 USD
The Short Rotary Attachment can be bundled with any kit.

It attaches to the quick connect system in the up or down position. Compatible with the following burrs:

  • Large/small diamond apple core burrs
  • Round nose cylindrical burr
  • Upper 11s Burr
  • Lower 11s Burr

Small Apple Core Burr Included


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PowerFloat Quick Connect Attachment. This Quick Connect accessory shaft is designed to operate exclusively with the PowerFloat Quick Connect system.

Short Rotary Shaft. This attachment can be bundled with any kit or may be purchased separately. The Short Rotary shaft extends the ability of PowerFloat Quick Connect by allowing veterinarians to incorporate a variety of specially-designed burrs. This shaft is designed to accomodate all available PowerFloat rotary burrs.

product info: PF0401