Cordless Mini Max: Basic Kit #1                 PF0301
Price: $3,200 USD

The Mini Max is a variable speed, light-weight, brushless 20 volt motor which adapts to all of the PowerFloat attachments.  This lower weight model (3.6 lb.) rotates the grinding wheel at 2850 rpm. 
The powerful brushless motor can maintain maximum rpm’s under maximum load pressures used during dentistry procedures.
The preferred model by veterinarians who have shoulder and elbow discomfort.

Attachments included with this kit:

  • Guarded Right Angle Attachment


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The cutting-edge Quick Connect (Cordless) system allows veterinarians unprecedented flexibility in floating. Now veterinarians can rapidly switch between several specially-designed floating attachments in seconds. Start with the standard Guarded Right-Angle Attachment, and then switch to the Long or Short Rotary Attachments, or even the Un-Guarded Right-Angle Attachment with its chamfer burr. Float a wider variety of dental conditions using one tool with speed and precision. Never compromise again, have it all with one PowerFloat Kit.

Quick connect rotary shafts are available separately. The Long Rotary Attachment has a tapered end which allows excellent visualization of the caudal aspect of the mouth in miniature horses. Two different burrs are available to thread into the unit. The Short Rotary Attachment can also accept several types of burrs which can be used for dental procedures at the front of the mouth. The un-guarded Right-Angle Attachment holds the newly designed chamfer burr for precision floating of the molar arcades.

product info - PF0301

    PowerFloat Mini Max: Basic Kit #1 includes:
    • Mini Max Cordless model with Guarded Right-Angle Attachment
    • Two (2) Dewalt 20V Lithium ion batteries
    • Dewalt battery charger
    • 100% Diamond Grinding Wheel (2)