grinding wheel - Tungsten Carbide Chip
Price: $84 USD
This tungsten chip carbide wheel is designed to grind down tooth surfaces. The carbide chips are applied in a 2 layered matriz which provides long lasting use.

The rounded radius design on the outer edge of the wheel assists in keeping the grinding surface from contacting soft tissue.


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Tungsten carbide chip wheel (disc) is used to grind down tooth surfaces. The rounded radius helps prevent the grinding wheel surface from inadvertantly contacting soft tissue. Designed to mount on the PowerFloat right angle, the disc has a threaded shaft that can be attached to the right angle of the PowerFloat.

The medium grit size carbide chips allow rapid reduction of enamel points and dominant tooth material. The carbide chips are applied in a 2 layered matrix for longevity of use.

product info

  • Material composition: Tungsten carbide chips in a matrix.
  • stainless steel grinding wheel platform with 1/4 inch thread
  • Designed for the Powerfloat
  • Disc diameter is 25 mm.
Product Warranty:

Replacement warranty for defective wheels when this item is purchased from PowerFloat Inc.

Replacement of wheel if flawed. Life expectency of disc varies with the type of dental cases done. Normal functional life averages about 200 dental procedures.