Diastema - Conical Burr                               PF0507
Price: $36 USD
For secondary widening of diastemas. Also included in the Diastema "Set of 3" kit.

With PowerFloat Burr accessories, the equine veterinarian can correct many dental problems that were previously not possible without cosly equipment expenses.


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Tapered shape allows for gradual continued widening of a diastema after the initial opening has been made with the smaller pointed diastema burr.

Small rounded tip: Is excellent for the debridement of small periodontal pockets

Powerfloat compatible: Threads into the Powerfloat right angle .

product info: PF0507

  • Material composition: solid carbide with cutting pattern mounted on stainless steel shank
  • Taper point configuration with aggressive cutting pattern
  • Compatible with PowerFloat Attachments: Guarded Right Angle, Un-Guarded Right Angle, Short Guarded Right Angle, Short Un-Guarded Right Angle