Speculum -  McPherson (Hausmann) Full Mouth - Horse

Speculum - McPherson (Hausmann) Full Mouth - Horse

SKU: PF0700

This stainless steel Mcpherson (Hausmann) style speculum for horses is a necessary piece of equipment for the practice of equine dentistry. This "easy to open design" speculum is suitable for a wide range of breed sizes.


The side arms are designed to eliminate speculum cheek pressure and they cannot collapse into the horse's cheek during dental procedures. (spreader bar effect).

Six dependable ratchet notches for easier, smaller, incremental opening. The average opening range of 3 1/2 "(8.90 cm) is set on the 5th notch.

Most other McPherson style speculums on the market open at 3 1/2 " on the 3rd notch setting. This graduated feature makes this speculum much easier to open than other speculums of similar design.

Incisor plate design fits breed ranges from small ponies to draft sized horses